Friday, January 15, 2010


We (The Hillywood Show) got a great shout on NEW MOON PARODY! They raved about the costumes and even asked viewers to tell them where the "red dress" originated! I have to take was my idea to use it in the film, and Hannah and Hilly loved the idea!
Here are a few quotes:
"I have to point out that these costumes are spot on to the costumes in the NEW MOON movie."

"I wanted to see if our viewers watching this actually caught something that you and I did when watching it, towards the end of the parody, watch the entire thing, Bella, or Kristen Stewart at this point...comes out wearing a red and black dress. Leave a comment and let us know what this dress is from, because like Dana said all of the costumes throughout the parody are dead on and I'll be impressed if you know what this dress is from."

Among other things, they mention our Tattoo scene featuring Bella and some surly looking tattoo artist...

Watch the review here...were SO proud of this and SO glad everyone is loving our hard work and efforts in bringing NEW MOON PARODY to life!


  1. the red and black dress is the dress kristen stewart wore at the 2009 MTV VMA's

  2. also the reason the costumes are spot on is because summit entertainment liked their Twilight parody so much that they let the hillywood show use the props and costumes.