Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fan of the week - Michele Best

I love hearing from people that have seen The Twilight Costume Collection in person, and Michele Best is one of those awesome Twilighters! Here are some really groovy pictures that she took at EyeCon's Twilight convention in Orlando. It was really cool meeting you, Michele, and I hope that we see each other again soon!
If you have pictures of yourself with The Twilight Costume Collection, send them to me at and I'll post them here!

Proshots from Froggy

Froggy,(EyeCon's official photographer), took these great pictures of us at EyeCon. You rock, Froggy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EyeCon Fantasy Twilight Tour

The EyeCon Twilight Convention in Orlando was so much fun! I met lots of amazing Twilight fans and really enjoyed sharing my collection with everyone! Kenny (the shows awesome promoter!) coined the phrase "The Twilight Museum", and you can see in the pictures below how it was set up. I shared the room with Kimbra, so we were an attraction all unto ourselves! It was great!!! I hope to meet some enthusiastic fans in Australia and until then...enjoy the pictures!

Bella's birthday party replicas, as seen in the upcoming NEW MOON parody by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW. Bella's custom green taffeta dress with black rose flocking (Not the NECA replica), Alice's deep purple dress, Rosalie's dramatic black gown and Esme's frilly pink/lavender party frock. On the table is a sign announcing the upcoming NEW MOON parody, along with a few other pieces like Rosalie's VINCE CAMUTO pumps (which are usually displayed with her NANETTE LEPORE blazer she wears in the cafeteria scene and in promo shots, but didn't come to Orlando), Bella's green "kangaroo" hoodie from the treetop scene and Rose's slouch hat from the aforementioned cafeteria scene.

More NEW MOON costumes! The outfit Bella wears to the movie theatre with Jacob, her Volterra "running through the fountain" outfit and her "Cliff Diving" Outfit. All paired with ink-wash J Brand jeans.

The first two costumes on the left are what I like to call the "9/13" costumes. On the far left is Alice's costume from Bella's birthday at school. Next to it is Bella's costume from her birthday at school. It features her orange JANSPORT backpack, J Brand jeans and Billabong jacket. The costume to the right from that are, in order: Angela's "Dress Shop" prom dress, Alice's "Meet The Cullen's" outfit, Bella's "Cafeteria-Your mood swings are giving me whiplash" outfit, Bella's brown rubbish coat, peasant top and Lucky brand jeans, Bella's Max & Cleo blue prom dress and refitted and re-sequined vintage sweater, and last but not least, Cam Gigandet's screen-worn "JAMES" costume.

See above for a few descriptions on these costumes! Below James' costume is Victoria's "KISS ME I'M IRISH" shirt.
The amazingly beautiful and wonderful Kimbra Hickey's table was set up amongst "The Twilight Costume Collection". What an HONOR! She is one of my favorite people!
Bella and Edward mannequins! These are my "life-size" dolls! Bella is wearing a complete "ballet studio" costume, consisting of SIMPLE SHOES, AG ANGEL cords, LUCKY BRAND tunic, and BB DAKOTA (original edition) Cargo jacket. She also sports authentic duplicates of her custom leather-knotted single bead bracelet, Black St. Jude bracelet and silver turquoise cuff.
Edward is wearing his trademark pea coat that was made from grey wool bought at MOOD FABRICS in Los Angeles. It's lined in a beautiful shade of blue and is 100% screen accurate...right down to the beautiful pewter buttons. His grey shirt and pea coat have been signed by Preston Johnson, Robert Pattinson's stand-in from the first TWILIGHT film.
Edward's "GStar" coat, worn when he saves Bella from Tyler's van. This coat has been signed by Justin Chon. Although Justin never wore this coat, he was in the "Van Crash" scene. The grey t-shirt worn with the jacket is signed by Preston Johnson.
A few pieces that you'll know! Emmett's vintage styled baseball hat, signed by Kellan Lutz, and Chief Charlie Swan's police coat, signed by Billy Burke.
I usually love the more ornate pieces, but Dr. Carlisle Cullen's lab coat is seriously one of my favorites. Here is his custom-embroidered lab coat, signed by Peter Facinelli. I added the "Forks Hospital" ID badge just for fun! My good friend Lisa made the badge and it's AMAZING! Thank you are a jewel in the Twilght universe!

Edward, Charlie, Carlisle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EyeCon Orlando, Florida THIS WEEKEND!

"THE TWILIGHT COSTUME COLLECTION" and I will be at EyeCon's Fantasy Twilight Convention in Orlando this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! This will mark the first time CAM GIGANDET'S authentic, screen-worn "JAMES" Costume will be seen at any Twilight convention! I'm stoked to bring the collection out and share it with all of my fellow Twilighters!! I will have pieces from TWILIGHT, NEW MOON and a few ECLIPSE costumes. Also, there will be a sneak preview of some costumes being used in NEW MOON Parody by The HillyWood Show!

Peace, love and Edward Cullen!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Australian TWILIGHT Tour

I have a very big announcement to make! It's official...I've been invited to take The Twilight Costume Collection on a 3-city tour in Australia for the month of October! I'll be appearing alongside Kellan Lutz, Charley Bewley, Tinsel Korey, Chaske Spencer and Michael Welch to talk about curating the largest private collection of "Twilight Saga" Costumes and Props, as well as what it's like being the Costume Designer for the NEW MOON Parody by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW! What an honor! The Hub Productions Twilight Tour will kick off on October 10th in Brisbane. We'll be in Sydney on October 11th and then at Armageddon Expo October 17th - 18th in Melbourne.

Hub Productions:

The Twilight Tour:

Armageddon Expo:

A HUGE thanks to Brandi and Carissa for making this happen. I look forward to meeting fellow Twilight fans in Australia!!

Peace & Love,


Bella's Bracelet from Jeweler Andrea Petrille

Once in a blue moon I meet a kindred spirit...and it's rare indeed. These are the people that impress and inspire me. Most importantly, they are people that I learn from. Andrea and I first met online when I contracted her to reproduce some WICKED stage props for a display I was doing 2 years ago. She amazes me with her creativity and keen sense of accuracy when reproducing any number of things from Glinda's tiara, necklace and wand to Bella Swan's turquoise cuff bracelet from The TWILIGHT Saga films. When I asked her if she could make the bracelet for me, she didn't hesitate. Working with a new medium and sterling silver, this bracelet is 100% accurate to the screen-worn version...and I am the happiest boy on earth for being able to display Andrea's beautiful, beautiful work!! If you would like to check out Andrea's sites or wish to place an order with her, visit her on Etsy here:
Or on her blog site here:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

John Henson to costume NEW MOON Parody by The Hillywood Show

newmoon-parody-poster, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

That's right, Twilighters! I am thrilled to officially announce that I am costuming the amazing Hillywood crew for their upcoming NEW MOON parody!

If you've been to any recent TWILIGHT convention, you've seen them wearing some of THE TWILIGHT COSTUME COLLECTION pieces, but now we're joining forces and going gangbusters to bring you the best NEW MOON parody possible! Just between you and me...this film is going to be AMAZING! (And I'm not saying that just because they've written a role just for me)! I can't say much about it, but they have some amazing and witty tricks up their (beautifully costumed) sleeves!! Stay tuned to their website for further updates!

The Hillwood Show

image, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Showing some love for The Twilight Costume Collection!

John and The Hillywood Show after judging the TwiTour costume contest.

IMG_0697, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

John with The Hillywood Cast

john-Hillywoods, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

This site featured on The Twilight Lexicon!

*THE* definitive Twilight fansite on the internet is The Twilight Lexicon. Alphie and Pel do a phenomenal job running "The Lex" as most of my Twilighter friends are used to hearing me say. It's a thrill to be featured at The Lexicon because, after all it's "...the brightest star in the Twilight online universe..."-Stephenie Meyer.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Twilight Costume Collection

CIMG3089, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Twi-Tour Atlanta 2009.

Catherine Hardwicke and John Henson Photo Shoot

john-and-catherine-for-web, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

When you've got an amazing director like Cat Hardwicke in your can't get much better.

Cat and John

john-and-catherine-for-web4, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Cat and John

john-and-catherine-for-web3, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Cat Hardwicke and I had a blast just fooling around at this shoot.

Kellan and John

johnkellan1-2, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Both of us holding the baseball hat.

Kellan, John and the hat

johnkellan2-2, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Kellan holds his hat from the first film.

Peter, John and Billy

john-peter-billy, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Peter Facinelli and John

john-Peter2, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Ashley and John

johnashley2, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Kellan, John and Ashley

john-ashley-kellan, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Backstage with Catherine Hardwicke

IMG_0690, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Before Cat's panel discussion, we sat backstage and waxed about film making.

Twilighters Are AWESOME!

displaycrowds, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Twilighters love seeing The Twilight Costume Collection up close and personal!

Kellan and John

Kellan and John, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

John Henson, (curator of The Twilight Costume Collection), and Kellan Lutz, (Emmett Cullen from the Twilight saga), backstage at TwiTour. Kellan puts on his baseball hat from the first film.

Emmett Cullen's baseball hat

Emmett Cullen's baseball hat, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Kellan Lutz' baseball hat from TWILIGHT, signed on the brim.

Alice Cullen's dress

Alice Cullen's dress, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

A close up of where Ashley Greene signed the dress.

James' Costume

james-poster, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Here is the official promo poster from the first film, showing Cam Gigandet in The Twilight Costume Collections most recent addition.

Bad Vamp James' authentic Twilight Costume

Recently acquired by The Twilight Costume Collection is James' complete costume worn by Cam Gigandet.

James' jeans detail.

James' leather coat.