Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Hillwood Show

image, originally uploaded by jhartnow.

Showing some love for The Twilight Costume Collection!


  1. How is the jacket the girl playing "Bella" here so light? Is that the new BB Dakota jacket??? I need to know!

  2. Hi Brittcs,

    That's Hilly Hindy from The Hillywood Show's Twilight Parody. From what I can tell, the BB Dakota jacket used in the film was not the LAKE BLUE color that is so popular with Twilight fans. I own the INKWORKS Costume swatch set, and the color is a very pale blue, bordering on grey. The actual jacket either started out darker and was distressed to release the dye or it was a lighter colored jacket dyed to achieve the proper color that was needed. The problem is that the jacket is built from both 100% cotton and 100% polyester. If you don't know, Polyester is nearly impossible to dye. For Hilly Hindy's jacket that she's wearing in that photo, I customized the same BB DAKOTA LEIGH CARGO HOODIE (not the replica that's out now) to be the exact shame color as the one worn by Kristen Stewart. Here is a great picture showing the true color of one of the film used coats. It's a tad darker than it would be in person, as Robert's peacoat isn't that dark:


  3. Is there any way to get the jacket in that lighter blue color? Can you make another? I'm guessing you got the "silver birch"/"beige" one and dyed it with a blue?

  4. I'm curious as well, on the process you went through to get the jacket that color. It looks great.