Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bella's Bracelet from Jeweler Andrea Petrille

Once in a blue moon I meet a kindred spirit...and it's rare indeed. These are the people that impress and inspire me. Most importantly, they are people that I learn from. Andrea and I first met online when I contracted her to reproduce some WICKED stage props for a display I was doing 2 years ago. She amazes me with her creativity and keen sense of accuracy when reproducing any number of things from Glinda's tiara, necklace and wand to Bella Swan's turquoise cuff bracelet from The TWILIGHT Saga films. When I asked her if she could make the bracelet for me, she didn't hesitate. Working with a new medium and sterling silver, this bracelet is 100% accurate to the screen-worn version...and I am the happiest boy on earth for being able to display Andrea's beautiful, beautiful work!! If you would like to check out Andrea's sites or wish to place an order with her, visit her on Etsy here:
Or on her blog site here:


  1. John! I just saw this post today -- thank you so much! It is an absolute pleasure to work with you!!!

  2. you can buy the same bracelet at bijou brigitte. :)

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