Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mossimo Offers a BB DAKOTA look-a-like!

My coworker came in with this jacket today, and I was like..."whoa, a BB Dakota"! Upon closer inspection, it was NOT the B.B.D. coat, but one she picked up at TARGET on sale for $20! Here is a cheaper alternative (with slight differences in the lower pocket, cuffs and collar) to Bella's famous jacket from TWILIGHT, (It's even got the sleeve pocket and front zipper detailing), but it's only available in black, green and tan. If you're experienced at dying garments (like I have to do A LOT with The Hillywood Show!), the tan can be dyed to a similar "Lake Blue" color, or even the custom lighter blue that Kristen wore in the film. Get your jacket here and cop Bella's signature look:

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