Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I just learned that several of my costume designs used in "The Hillywood Show" Twilight Saga Parodies are being used in the upcoming 20th Century Fox film "VAMPIRES SUCK". My interpretation and design of Edward's Peacoat, Bella's Motorcycle plaid jacket and her green button-down are among a few that I noticed in the trailer. I emailed 20th Century Fox and Regency Pictures and asked for acknowledgements in the film credits, but that request might be out of line. View the trailer here:


  1. Are you SURE they were your designs? Cosplay Sky also has those same articles of Twilight clothing.

  2. And he removed my post for stating that maybe he should be giving credit for the clothes that are sold in stores already and before the movie.

  3. Hi Natalie and Melissa! Yes, you're right...they are made by CosplaySky in China. BUT...I design them for Cosplay to produce. They use all of my original patterns, reference, cloth swatches, etc. I even designed the green plaid for the "motorcycle" jacket myself for them to have custom printed. I began working with them solely for The Hillywood Show, and now my designs are sold world wide.