Friday, November 20, 2009


Happy NEW MOON premiere day! Last night was madness, as Columbiana Grande Regal Cinemas had the midnight screening running on ALL 14 screens and was completely sold out! They wound up selling tickets for a 2:40 screening because of that! I'm hoping that it breaks all records! Here's a link to one of the interviews I did yesterday before the fans showed up.
My mom, Amanda and awesome Twilight fan Brit...who (along with her super aweome boyfriend Ray) helped me with the display last night!

Some of the THOUSANDS of fans that showed up for the midnight preview and had a chance to see THE TWILIGHT COSTUME COLLECTION!

The theater had an armed officer at the theatre to keep the peace...and to guard The Twilight Costume Collection. Officer Moorer was cute as a button and about 5 feet of major kickass! Thank you Officer rock!!!! (Notice that her uniform shirt is the same style as Charlie Swans' from the "Friday" diner scene in Twilight! You all know the one..."Dad, we gonna talk boys?")

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